10 Different Types of Job Interviews for Fresher Candidates

Job Interviews for Fresher CandidatesIn every day developing world, the management of any corporate institute always strives on selecting the best aspirant; thus incorporating many tests, scans, interviews, group discussion and the list is never ending. To finalize an appropriate match for a company – candidate pair, one of the ways is an interview method. There are a number of different types of interview and a fresher candidates can come across any of such from the list provided. So while appearing for an interview, gradually identify with the questions that what kind of interview is taking place and respond accordingly.

With this trick, you will be calm in body language, clear in thoughts and confident in your approach


We all know the importance of a job. In simple statement – kaam hai to daam haii aur maan haii.”

So, let’s have a look on different types of interview that you may come across and it should be followed as an interview tips for freshers.

Structures Interview

Every question is pre – planned. The interviewer is a ready attack by asking for answers. In this type – fresher has to be more careful as the person who is conducting this, will quickly find out if any error occurred. The order of the questions is precise and punctual. This can go tricky as the person has all data of the candidate and probability of cross – questioning is high. Thus, think about all details before you submit your CV and prepare for the same by allocating certain time on it before the interview date.

Unstructured Interview

This is easier than structured type of interview, as in this type nothing is pre planned. Things go according to the profile of a person. The unstructured interview focuses on finding out the real person that you are. The importance is given to allowing you to talk about your strengths and weaknesses by encouraging various topics such as your background, educational life, interest area, hobbies and so on. This is a flexible kind and can take jump from one to another as per the answers.

Formal Interview

The formal interview exhibits everything in a formal manner. An interviewer will be conducting meet in a formal manner and he/she will expect you to be so in your behaviour. Thus – attire, foot ware, manners from a fresher’s side should be presented in an absolute formal way. The list of a questions will be similar to structured interview.

Informal Interview

Informal interview is a friendly one. It is opposite to the earlier kind. There is no need for formal attire, foot ware or any other thing. You can be You. There is no cross questioning or stress; things are at ease. There can be conversation regarding your opinions for multiple things – staring from the atmosphere of a surrounding, education, current affairs, interests, hobbies, future plans, etc. It is in parallel line considering the unstructured interview.

Panel Interview

Panel interview is about having you on the one side of a table and 3 or 5 interviewers on the other side of a table. These interviewers are also entitled as the members of a selection committee. The questions will be asked about different aspects. At the end, each member will give his/her rating and based on that, the final decision will be clarified.

Individual Interview

Individual interview is a two way communication. Depending upon the person, level of interview varies from not so easy to a chilled out and so a range will differ regarding the types of questions from being formal, informal or casual.

Stress Interview

Stress interview – the name itself speaks everything. Indeed, the interview will carry stress factor. The interviewer will create a stressful scenario by criticizing a fresher’s response, constant interruption or through rapid fire questions or with any weird command. The key to this is to maintain calm gesture and being confident as the criteria is to examine the level of patience, hesitance and nervousness factors.

In – Depth Interview

The in – depth interview has a semi structured pattern. Few questions are pre – planned. The objective is to test the level of knowledge of a fresher. The prime area of interview is based on the education – specialization subject and other interest. The ideal position is to have an upgraded knowledge.

Teliphonic/ Skype Interview

This type is based on taking interview based on technology – either through the telephone or Skype. The purpose is to save money, time and energy. The question pattern is usually normal and duration is five to ten minutes. On a general level, if a candidate is found to be good enough, then he/she is been called for a second round of an interview. Thus, the tech based interviews are easy one.

Behavioural Interview

The behavioural interview is all about logic as well as presence of mind. The interviewer will ask you about solutions from your perspective. Thus, tracing your ability and skills very accurately and your performance will be judged upon it. The questions will be presented with an instance of any situation and you would be asked to answer about how you will tackle it. Here the sky is the limit and power is in your hand as being a professional, you have to twist and turn the example in the best possible way with the highest creativity. Remember to be having a realistic approach.

Therefore, always find out about what kind interview is going on and then respond it. So, All the Best & Rock the Floor!!!

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