10 Resume-Writing Secrets


Resume Secrets words stamped on yellow envelope to illustrate tips, guidance, advice and instructions for a job interview or applying for an open position


  • Write Positively:

Always ensure that you write in a very positive way avoiding negative language involving use of words such as dislike, hate, etc.


  • Proper Sequencing:
    Ensure that your resume is properly structured highlighting salient aspects of your work and educational experience. Information that is scattered and disorganized leaves room for doubt and makes things difficult for the interviewer. Remember-A resume is intended to communicate your profile details in the simplest way possible, and the best way to do this is by properly structuring it.



  • Use Facts and Figures:
    Always make it a point to substantiate your claims with relevant facts and figures. It helps better establish your credentials.


  • No Pictures and Videos:
    Strictly avoid using pictures or including any links to videos in your resume.


  • Omit Irrelevant Information:
    Avoid including any work or educational experience which may not be relevant to the role that you are applying for.


  • Use of Action Verbs:
    Always make use of positive action verbs that will help the interviewer know precisely what you did and how you were involved. For example, use words such as managed, demonstrated, imparted, etc.


  • Avoid Using Jargons and Slangs:
    Strictly avoid using any slang or jargons in your resume. Apart from leaving a negative impression it will create confusion for the interviewer as regards your exact profile.



KEEP it Simple!!


  •  Don’t use Pronouns
    Avoid using pronouns such as ‘I’ or ‘Me’ as whoever is going through the resume is well aware that it is yours. The use of pronouns only creates redundancy in this case.
  •  Get someone else to go through your Resume:
    You may be 100% confident about what you have written in your resume but it is always advisable to have someone else go through your resume and verify whether everything is in order.
  • Consider taking Professional Advice:
    In case you are having difficulty crafting your resume, you can consider taking professional help. Most of the recruiting agencies have in-house experts who can help prepare the resume that reflects your skills and experience in a manner that is best suited for the role that you are applying for.

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