‘A’ For Attitude!

Till date we have always discussed about corporate life, etiquettes, goal setting, key elements of success etc. but haven’t discuss about an attitude, do you know an idiom? “Change your attitude and things will automatically change”! Someone said it right… an attitude is generally defined as the way a person responds to his or her environment, either positively or negatively. So, simple to understand, isn’t it?

AttitudeLet’s first learn about key components of attitude, they are as specified below.

  • Affective Attitude: It is reflected through feeling/emotions of a person about an object. For example: I am afraid of snakes.
  • Behavioral: You attitude influence your actions for example: I will avoid getting into the swimming pool and if I am pushed into the water then I will make loud noise that will pierce your ear drums.
  • Cognitive: This attitude is associated with the knowledge or belief of a person. For example: I believe that all snakes are venomous.

Attitude that affects behavior:

Research has proved that behavioral conditioning may last as long as the negative feedback is in place, for example: traffic laws are supposed to be strictly observed by the citizens of the country but social norms are slightly liberal hence Kangana find it extremely confusing about what to follow thus if she is meant to stop at signal and people force her to move on she will not move until the signal turns to green.

Realize optimism is a choice:

At work place, it is better for you to constantly culture your mind that there is a great scope for hope and you shall not kill any hope to compromise with the lifestyle. Consistency will turn your fortune for sure. Give positive messages to the mind to energize yourself. It will save you from getting frustrated all the time.

Hang out with friends who have a happy vibe:

Do not isolate yourself from friends and stop cursing for negative results. Go and meet your friends, spend some quality time with them. Visit different places to rejuvenate the mood. It will certainly turn negative attitude into positive.


Attitude management will allow you to think rationally about the surrounding because there are many things that are beyond your control, so excessively thinking about future by losing important moments will not work and also it will spoil your performance at work place.

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