Android set for total dominance in Indian Smartphone market


Android may well be on course towards enjoying 100% market-share in the mobile phone market. Google’s plan to launch the RCS messaging app on Android phones will shift existent users of SMS to the feature-rich RCS platform. In time, we would also get to see it being incorporated on iPhones as well, thus removing the stranglehold that Apple’s iMessaging service currently enjoys over existent users of the iPhone.  Google Photos is an easy to use photo-management application available on both Android and iOS platforms, and is slated to become the photo application of choice for both Android and Apple phone users. Alongside, the rise of Drive and Dropbox as the preferred places of storage will reduce the dependence on iCloud application of current iPhone users.

As of now, we see various phones in the market running customized versions of Android Operating System, which refer to basically regular Android OS spiced up with an extra layer on top (Similar to how we have pizza with our own choice of toppings) The case for a standard version of Android compatible with all Android phones can be made to increase Android’s current marketshare (in fact, some such thing is very much in the offing). This would also do away with the need to bring out different Android updates for different phones. What would further work in favor of the ‘common (Android) cause’ would be the launch of Google’s very own Pixel suite of phones.

As far as the Indian Smartphone market is concerned, Apple enjoys a miniscule share. With domestic Android-based players such as Micromax, Intex and Lava boasting of a huge marketshare and Chinese Smartphone giants such as Lenovo, Huawei along with South Korean major, Samsung, making great inroads, Apple will have a tough task at hand despite repeated forays into the Indian Smartphone market.

Android is by far the dominant OS, not just in India but all over the world, boasting of 80 % market-share. In keeping with current trends, PehlaJob has invested in Android development and aims to take Android learning to every nook and cranny of the country. In fact, Android Development is going to be a vital component of the ongoing Skill development programs being undertaken by the Government of India to enhance the employability of youth in the country and make them industry-ready.


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