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Fresh out of college and on threshold of a new beginning, students eagerly wait for that yahoo moment but before they can begin looking for that pehla job, they have to constantly field questions on experience, aptitude, five year plan etc. Still wet behind the years, getting a job can be daunting for a newcomer.

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Noticing dearth of a reliable partner that focuses on important factors such as interview preparation, resume building, aptitude test, and such evaluation criteria for a student, Pehlajob came in to fill in the blanks. The company introduced various path-breaking modules and programs like Campus Connect, Skill Development, Internship, Employability Assessment Tests and also offering end-to-end solutions such as contemporary recruitments, psychometric test and a promise of a fitting job.

Pehlajob thus became the first company to begin training enterprising youngsters right from their entering into college to getting a job. They counsel them through 4 stages of evolution for a successful career, catering to their individual professional needs.

Pehlajob also went a step further. They reached out to the clients who were seeking suitable freshers for the jobs. Today, this enterprise introduces various initiatives that eliminates recruitment cost along with handholding a student, marking it as a clear differentiator between Pehlajob and other key market players in this domain.

There is yet another marker that helps Pehlajob to stand out from the crowd. Apart from a seamless process to ‘place the right person in the right job’, the company steps up a notch by deviating from the norms. Once the candidate is placed in a job, this firm follows a procedure that benefits not just the candidate, but also the company. It is different and a game-changing route to take.

It therefore comes as no surprise that Pehlajob has today become one of the forerunners in the job segment with a distinctive platform. They have proved to be an ideal bridge between job seekers and the companies offering jobs by giving them an extensive database to meet their desired and well defined needs.

Initiated by Mr. Mayank Mittal, Mr. Vadindra Katti, and Mr. Miller Khandhar in 2014, Pehlajob primarily focuses on deserving candidates from universities and institutes in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as well as the metropolitan areas.

Using newer and workable recruitment solutions, Pehlajob helps companies through a seamless recruitment process with an impressive list of freshers. This list is constantly updated. The database includes, besides freshers just out of college, students seeking internships, part-time jobs for valuable experience.

Standing tall amongst other market players, Pehlajob doubles as a counselor to these young job seekers while constantly informing them about openings, without any extra charge. Under the keen eye of recruitment experts, candidates will learn to create a perfect and standout resume.

Pehlajob also serves the companies with lateral hiring process and has an impressive track record for suitable placements. So, the Pehla step you need to take when you join college is, reach out to ‘Pehlajob’.

About Pehlajob

Pehlajob is a Hybrid Recruitment Portal providing smart cutting-edge solutions to employers and employees. We not only provide a service but also a solution for the most important resource – The Human Capital. Various features are integrated through which the process of recruitment will be hassle free. We help companies acquire best of the talents in an efficient, easy and cost-effective manner that helps them save both time and money.

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