Choose Between the Diplomacy and Blunt

Tongue is one of the most crucial organs, apart from the brain, when you are in a corporate world! If you learn to use it wisely, victory is yours, if not, then no future can be anticipated and hopes are deemed to sink in a pool before a career takes off.

Result for Job InterviewTo voice an opinion at work, you have to be about every single word used to frame a message in order to hit the right chord with everyone. It’s not as easy as it seems to be because every person cannot match your wave length and hence unable to interpret your message with the same intention. Following are the ways suggested to make the communication seamless and effective.

Be Flexible

Have you heard an idiom “one-size doesn’t fit all” scenario. You are required to deal with the situation by using discretionary power. Sometimes, just to make a point clearly understood, you have to be little stubborn. However if it is going to complement to the well-being of an organization then it is worth to take the risk.

Assertive Diplomacy:

  • There are situations when the recipient is incapable of taking blunt messages in right way.
  • Gain sound command on the diplomatic language to convey the most annoying or tragic scenarios in adequate manner which will be acknowledged by the recipient and still a person shall continue to admire you for the same.

  • You need to have a keen eye to understand the demeanor of the concerned people.
  • Be a good observer.

Be you at work place:

keep away from blunt peopleSome people call a spade, a spade! But be alert to deal with such people because, you do not have total control on the situation. If you are willing to take some blunt decisions. However, if you try to use the combination of gentle plus diplomatic then it may or may not work either! So, better to do what is beneficial for your organization.


Being diplomatic or blunt are just means to an end. The real motto is wipe out the weaknesses to make the job functional.

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