Exit Interview – A challenge for Employees

Challenge for Employees in exit interviewYou agree with it or not, but the exit interviews fascinate you just like the thought of your iPhone falling down the drain.

Now the question is what is an exit interview?

A post employment survey is a wrap-up meeting between administration delegates and somebody who is leaving an association, either intentionally or through termination.

Most of the big organizations, government offices and institutes take them. They help the company to gather useful feedback which can be a beneficial  guide for future practices and enhance selecting and maintenance.


Many a times we say things that we should not  say during an interview and then escape the guiltiness by saying “jane do ab….”


So here are a few things that you should not say while you give an exit interview so that you don’t have to repeat the sentence “jane do…….

“I am leaving the job because I don’t like the culture of xyz”…

Never do that. You are talking about the employee of a company to someone who might be the part of the same circle as xyz is. Also back bitching is not good for you since it will spoil your image in the professional world.

Also, this should not be the reason for your interview because it won’t be possible to leave a job every time you don’t like someone in your office. You need to adjust and adapt yourself accordingly to the environment.

“ I don’t like the boss”

Remember a boss is a boss even if you are leaving the job. Do not say nasty things about him in the exit interview because he will be getting all the information at the end of the day. While selecting you for the job in a company that you have chosen the company will ask your previous company about your work experience there, and badmouthing about your boss in the exit interview will be dangerous in the future.

“ I don’t want to give a reason”

Exit interviews are only easy if you are co-operative. This is not the time to be rude and offensive instead go with the flow of the interview and answer all the questions asked to you calmly. Not answering questions will bring the interviewer to the conclusions that you are hiding something and are not co-operative.

“ You never realized my worth”

This is not the time to say the words  “aapko meri kadar nai thi to mai yeh jagah chod kar ja raha hu….” The company treated you like the way it thought was the best. Maybe there were some loopholes, but the exit interview is not the place to complain and cry like a baby!

“ This is the worst company ever!” or “ I will never work here again”

Just remember you need a good reference to get a job! Enough said.


So here were some of the important tips that you should keep in mind while giving the exit interviews. Be polite and keep your points in front of them. Co-ordination is what they want from you in the last day of your job.

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  • June 18, 2015 at 6:41 am

    Good blog ! very helpful.

  • June 18, 2015 at 6:50 am

    Thanks Ankit, for your valuable feedback.


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