Attire for a Fresher Job InterviewHey buddies,

Remember Cinderella, Snow white, Fairy tales, Ali Baba forty thieves, The magic lamp of Aladdin, and so on and on. All age old miracle stories filled with marvelous mystic!!! I’m sure, you must be aware and somewhere down the line having a similar wish about changing the life with so much of ease like 1, 2 & 3 Shaka Laka Boom Boom – “Karishma Ka Karishma.” Temptation for turning all dreams into reality with “Aasaan Hai” formula – so, here you go…

Anywhere in the world, general observation is – “appropriate behaviour leads towards success” and so it is true for corporate culture. It is understood that being a fresher, you might be lacking in elements such as certain knowledge and experiences, but your art of presenting yourself can be the secret to achieve your aim. Art of presentation is all about 5W’s and 1 H – What, Who, Where, When, Why and How you are representing yourself.

Given below are formulas to keep in mind for your own evaluation.


The aspect of physique is about grooming.

Hair: Hair should be clean and you must comb well. For a girl, tie it properly and don’t keep it open or else it will be seen everywhere around you. For a guy, trim it on regular intervals.

Nails: Nails should not be grown like a gypsy, cut them on a week basis and shape it.

Body Odour: Do not let the body smell of perspiration ruin the other’s mood. Keep your body clean and maintain hygiene. Use mild perfume or deodorant.

Smell from Mouth: Do not let your colleague know what you have eaten through unwanted smell from your mouth. Try to avoid eating food that cause unfavourable smell. Always keep a mouth freshener for a rescue.

Posture: Always maintain a good posture. Neither too firm nor too instable.


Plan may fail, but life goes on” – Toba Beta. Such development to turn mind set in the direction of growth and positivity can be visualized if we have healthy mental abilities.

Sleep: For able to be effective in your work, good sleep is must. Do not carry yourself in late night parties or movies.

Meditation: To sustain in corporate life, good mediation is a key to relief. Meditation is all about spending time with yourself and eternity. Do spend time in meditation.

Clarity: Having clear vision and mission helps you to stay away from being all over the place. You can’t compete with everything so remember your task and work.


Behavioural aspect is of immense importance in the corporate world, it incorporates following criteria.

Communication: Let your verbal and written communication have words such as “PLEASE”, “THANK YOU”, “SORRY”, “MAY I”, “IF YOU DON’T MIND”, “REGARDS”, “HUMBLE REQUEST”, “GENTLE REMINDER”, etc.

Attitude: Have a healthy attitude. Stop displaying casual rudeness as it leads to nothing. If you are not fine with certain act then avoid it or state about your views.

Aspect of Adviser: As a fresher candidate, you will come across many situations where you will be not sure on what step should be taken. At this time, if you have an adviser it’s wonderful and the person should not be of your organization. Also, reading job related blogs as well as articles regarding work place will be of great help.

Space: As a professional, you must maintain an appropriate space with everyone. It is not good to be too close to someone in office premises.

Handshake: Handshake should not be too tight or too soft. Let the confidence be experienced with other person while hand shake.


“Poor manners hurt your career because the little things matter. Very often, reputations are built on the basis of a first impression that takes someone approximately 3 seconds to formulate,” says Alexandra Levit, a career expert. So, with few secrets for a fresher – let the magic go on and may you achieve success and satisfaction.

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