FRESHERS…!!! Struggling for your PEHLAJOB…???

This is the most crucial as well as frustrating time in your life when you are freshly out of college and don’t know from where to begin. You have your dreams ready but your path isn’t ready. Still confused career crashing down when application is not been considered. No godfather or godmother. Wish if you knew how to crack the code and get the job in your field of interest. Let’s stroll through the list of problems we can avoid when we find a job…

The problemFRESHERS..!!! Struggling for your PEHLAJOB

Which field…???

Which profile…????

Which Company…?????


So many questions running in your mind…Right..??

Get a grip on yourself, decide which field you have to excel or where you want to see yourself in next 5 years down the line. Then comes resume which is the most important part of interview. You get scanned through your resume. So make sure things are done with the help of expertise.

Check Yourself Before You Smash Yourself

Before self-smash get yourself ready with all the information relating to your job. Social media plays a vital role these days. Through various sites and links one gets themselves informed about the basic knowledge and knows how about the company and also the basic ethics to be followed and maintained during the interview.

Something Sucks, but is it your confidence

Confidence plays the most important role in interview; they check how confident enough you are for what you say. Be clear what you want and you can offer, if you are super confident they don’t option but to notice you and this could be a plus point for you. Now to boost your confidence do some follow some basic fundas like, Repeat a positive affirmation like “I can do it if I get an opportunity”. Remember positive things which people have told you or praised you for or strike a power pose to prevent stress.

HASSShhh…!!!!!! Done with interview “FOLLOW UP”…

Write a thank you note via mail or message to showcases your gratitude for their time. Double check the name of the interviewer. Avoid follow ups wait for their call if date has been declared or else drop a mail to confirm, avoid cheesy words & lines, negativity and repetition.

Done with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Komal Shroff an MBA from NMIMS is a marketing manager and has excellent skills for writing blogs, articles, press release etc.

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