Induction process for new employees

The word “induction” is associated with meanings such as “introduction”, “orientation”, or “initiating training through educational instructions.” Hey, but wait! The induction process in the world of corporate is far away than those simple synonyms mentioned above. Then what is the buzz all about…

Induction process is an ice breaker for all all fresher’s that is the newly appointed work force in an office. For instance – it is quite common and natural in general scenario that whenever we have to go at someone’s house and we are meeting everyone for the first time, there is certain awkwardness, which is bound to occur. At times we are saved but many times, conversations just go elsewhere with stiffed faces, difficulties and problems due to the so called “formal behavior.” In a company, when a job seeker first steps in, is very much conscious regarding “A to Z activities of the work place.” In this outlook one can imagine that what will be the scenario if all employees behave like “living statues”, “talk, and walk but all fake and false.” If this scenario of pretending behavior is not broken then the future is frightening with all obstacles and various human behavior issues. Thus, induction process takes place at the beginning of a journey for professional candidates. At present, many companies have termed it as a mandatory whereas few are yet to announce. The duration of days and time for induction programmes vary from one association to another and this activity is conducted irrespective of the size and structure of an organization.

Induction process is the mixture of various learning techniques on the basis of team work as it enriches great values that are never experienced before. From the view point of an organization, one minute move has ability to change things from top to bottom in an ongoing and never ending cut throat competition. In this, when proactive, proficient professionals are appointed, their mid set stress on individual task therefore this is another prime reason to let the shift happen and take a turn on the path of team work, thus corporates come up with intensive innovative induction programmes.

The additional important purpose behind the induction process is that – during first meeting with colleagues, all carry so called prejudice behavior. Humans have tendency to judge other person without being in a contact of the other. Therefore, this fun filled learning games let employees’ understand better with different tasks. They can come across the real person and do not review others based on mere things such as attire and body language. Also, another vital reason is – professionals learn to work with another, though they are two opposite poles.

The induction programmes are super hit in the corporate. Many companies specially invite guests to conduct it and spend huge amount for the same. All organizations aspire to be ahead in the productivity and profit profile and these crucial criteria can be achieved only if employees are working well with one another and things are taking place in a coordination.

The magic of the great induction programmes is – professionals can cheer up working in a team stating “Hum Saath Saath Hain” no matter what. There are targets and the boss say “Haan Ye Hi Lakshya Hai Tera” at this time, there is a pressure but as one starts understaning team members better, he/she is mentally strong and team state being united “Chale Chalo, Chale Chalo…” At the end of a hectic office day, you can still find “Aashayain” and happily express “See the champions, take the field now. Unify us, Make us feel proud. Give you freedom, Give you fire, Give you reason, Take you higher…” So, Get, Set, Go with an innovative, energetic induction programmes to light up your career path.

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