How to Maintain Distance from Office Bullies

Bullies at workplaceOffice bullies are those people who like to curse others for any damn good reason and they do feel that they are a boss and you work for them. There is no point to get into quarrel because it will ruin your image and nothing will change the situation. Sometime it may also increase your chances to get victimized in the office politics, so unless you don’t receive a confirmation letter from the company do not take any step that may go against you. There are safety measures that will mitigate the risk of unnecessary encounters with such tendencies.

Sheer disappointment:
These people are very notorious rather delinquent, no matter how correct you are, they will always contradict you by arguing on every front.

Knack to deal with them:
Learn to gauge their intention and ignore them.

Opportunistic behavior:
Usually this is a very common trait found in all bullies, they will try to nudge you down all throughout the days but the moment they are assigned a project or responsibility which is beyond their capacity, they will slip into chameleon’s character by being very polite in approach and try to get things done with your support.

Knack to deal with them:
Try to be assertive and say ‘NO’. Never be submissive and assist them in such situations. It will create trouble for you in near future.

Masters of abusive language:
Bullies are really adept to insult you on any given situation based on their mood and taste. They know well, how to take an advantage of that art in public. You simply cannot predict what will go wrong?

Knack to deal with them:
Frame your boundaries well and maintain safe distance. Do not mingle with them at all.

Yes, this is indeed the most noticeable characteristic, they spend significant time to gossip about anyone in the office. In fact they do enjoy this activity and are best at it.

Knack to deal with them:
Run away as soon as gossip begins because very next target can be you too. Probability of back-fire is always high and may tarnish your image in the office apparently.

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