How to survive in the Office Politics?

Many of the corporate employees in India have been victimized on certain occasions, feel devastated after being aware about heavy conspiracy. Some individuals develop a negative attitude towards their personal as well as corporate life and end up by steering into the wrong direction. Everyone is not smart enough to cope-up with the situation. Always remember if you want to win the game, it is important to understand  the rules.

Be the silenoffice-politicst observer:

No academic book will benefit you in this regard. You will have to be clever to understand the intention of colleagues around you. Everyone has a different motive to be the part of any particular company. Observe the  people’s behavioral traits. Learn the job culture as early as possible. The thumb rule of the game is to keep your mouth shut! It is quite possible that you agree or disagree with someone, but do not intervene during the conversation because it may go against you. Do not immediately communicate with your senior if you disagree with a colleague’s behavior.

Be nice and cordial to all:

Write this secret mantra as many times as you can because it will help you to create a favorable impression apparently you will receive key information about current happenings in the office, especially if you are a new employee  in the company.

Discover new ways to work:

If you try to perform your routine job by cracking the boundaries, it will help you to solve many task related problems. Your work will be appreciated by your superiors. Try to be creative irrespective of your job profile, learn to make your tasks interesting. Set goals, discuss them with a colleague on whom you have complete faith. Be aware from gossipers and maintain a safe distance from them. Always attempt to adhere to the office etiquette.


It is always important to learn office etiquette and job culture of the company in order to create favorable environment around you, once the web is successfully built, you will enjoy the confidence of the company.


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