Is Résumé Different Than Curriculum Vitae/CV?

EmployersRésumé or CV is ought to be taken seriously, because it can turn ‘No’ into ‘Yes’. It does speak about your intention, caliber, objective, and achievements in general and an employer learns more about you as a candidate. It is very important to know the differences between these two terms. In the hierarchy of formal communication; résumé or CV ranks first. Use of any terminology without appropriate knowledge may trouble you in the future.

Better to seek help of some realistic example: Americans and Canadians barely use ‘CV’ while writing an application for the job. However, in India these two terms are interdependent. Résumé and CV differs from one another on the basis of purpose, content, and length.

What does Resume mean?

Perfect Resume for Job InterviewFundamental objective of a résumé is to convey an employer about your academic qualification, skill set and total experience in nutshell. This report must contain all the vital details in neat manner. Length of a document can be stretched up to 2 pages because you do not want a reader to invest big time to assess that information apparently it shall appear to be unique to stand above all.

What does CV mean?

Special Skills for Job InterviewCV is an abbreviation of Curriculum Vitae which is defined as a course of life in Latin. This word is adopted by the private sector in India to address the job application document which is not limited to two pages only. It covers career history, education, awards, honors and other details in chronological order.

Key differences between Résumé & CV:


  1. Résumé comprises brief information about the skills and experience over one or two pages.

  2. Content of a résumé may vary according to the job profile.

  3. Index of a résumé can be shuffled as per the choice and requirement.

Curriculum Vitae:

  1. A CV is incomplete without necessary details and there is no limitation of pages.

  2. One may simply modify the content in the enclosed cover letter and the main body of CV remains intact.

  3. A person’s career in perfect chronological order is expected in a CV.


Above key differences, will give better understanding about how to draft a job application to create positive impression on employer.

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