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Employee stressed at her workplace

Woman looking stressed at her desk, eyes closed

Stress is a stimulus response that disturbs your physical as well as mental balance. In other words, it’s a part of life. Usually you tend to feel heavily stressed when pressure accumulates and exceeds available resource. Survey showed that around 4.3 percent of population feel stressed at work place and change jobs apparently. Some individuals successfully cope-up with it however mounting work pressure and deterioration in the efficiency affects the performance and as a result of which vicious circle builds up around many people. It has been rightly said that stress is the inevitable part of our life and we shall get relief only when we stop breathing. Therefore, it is important to learn about how to manage the stress in our lives?

Effects of Stress on life:

There are several adverse effects of stress on human body, for example: headache, back pain, fast breathing rate, weak immune system, effects on reproductive system etc. However, all these symptoms are direct result of tension, anxiety, worry or fear of the unknown things that are beyond control.

Measures to cope-up with stress:

There are largely two ways to cope-up with stress viz. unhealthy and healthy ways. Excessive indulgence in binge eating, smoking, alcohol consumption, standing aloof from the beloved people or consuming pills/tablets are known as destructive solution to kill the stress. On the contrary, morning walk, listening to the music, workout in the gym, social engagement is considered as constructive solution to cure the stress.

Novel Ideas for stress management:

Don’t suppress your feelings, ventilate them through right channel. Share eternal feelings with parents, siblings and friends. Learn to compromise if required. If you expect something, then be ready to fulfill same expectation of opposite party. Take some effort and develop important skills for time management. You will get significant time to relax your mind. The best way to not be too stressed is not take any stress!


Stress changes its orientation according to the mold. Stress at work place is different than the stress related to the studies, therefore finding new ways to overcome such feeling will definitely save you from getting into the depression.

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