Let an employer know you are the best!

Best Employee chosen among many employeesGenerally candidates end up by spending significant time and energy in constantly modifying a resume to make it as punchy as possible. During the period of job hunt, it might have happened with you.  Well, it’s certainly important to be loyal while drafting a resume but it doesn’t mean that you shall not throw a light on key skills honed until now, in order to stand above all. In this article you will find the best possible ways to convince a prospective employer about why he/she shall select you by focusing on a few factors.


You are not at all lonely animal in any office, thus team work has to be a part and parcel of your job profile, else you cannot sustain in any company, no matter how big it is! Thus, it is recommended that you shall better speak about an experience of working in a team which allowed you to shine well in the previous organization or company.

Every HR executive or recruiter will like to score your personality on the basis of this criterion. Do not take all the credit about a project you did in the past while discussing about a team work. It suggests that you are co-operative and tend to get along with a group of people irrespective of the fact that whether they were like-minded or not. If you successfully portray your image as a team player then any employer will welcome you with a pleasant smile.

Communication skills

These skills are more valued in the corporate world, it does not mean that you have to be sophisticated all the time very in every given situation but shall be aware about the proto calls and decorum of corporate culture. Excellent communication skills will enable to climb the ladder in the reputed company and other issues in the periphery will be automatically eased off. Always try to support your statements with concrete and relevant examples. Use of common terminologies and phrases pertaining to the job profile may create favorable impression at the time of interview.

Work under pressure

Do not mention an ability to deal with work load in a curriculum vitae instead prefer to discuss this point at the time of interview with recruiting manager, it might be possible that you must have had worked on a project by undergoing tremendous work pressure, thus speak about your experience of working with efficient team and how did you manage to make it successful. If you really want to draw an attention of the recruiter to the point then write in a brief in a cover letter.


Maximum employers are in a search of the people who are self-driven and don’t require great amount of encouragement to get adapted to the new job role and work place. Scrutiny of resumes is the routine process but to know the intention of a candidate to be assured about his/her compatibility is the earnest purpose of any interview. So prepare and present yourself according to the above suggestions.

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