Life of Students –College se Career tak!!

life after college for fresher studentsAfter completing your graduation, you are figuring out things… and every now and then you are bombarded with the question job mil gai kya beta?” you are graduated, with the degree in your hand you are still questioning yourself if you should do your masters or find a job. You are confused. On one hand, you want to join a fresher job, want to gain experience and start earning and on the other you want to complete your masters and  you do not want to be a part of the corporate world for 2 or more years. You will feel too young for some things and very old for some. Having a lollipop is going to meet a lot of objections and you are thinking why is it so?

You will recollect those times when happiness was the point at which the teacher was missing and the educator who took her place gave a free lecture. You will regret the times when you said “life will be awesome after college!”


Only about 56% of students earn graduation degrees within six years


  • Develop decision making skills

When you were in college the only decisions you made were to wear pink or black? But now the decisions are bigger. To choose a company, to act like a matured individual or to still be a kid on the most fundamental level. Life after school is a bit desolate in light of the fact that not every time you have a companion around you. Not every time somebody will go hand in hand with you to the washroom, not every time you will have somebody when you need to eat a burger. Not every time somebody will pay for your espresso.

  • Try to achieve your big dreams

You have dreams in your eyes and confidence in your heart that your dreams will be satisfied. The little things that were not as important before were important now like checking the mail everyday which you hardly did before. You have become really strong and don’t get affected by small things easily, somewhere you have understood to deal with your emotions and don’t show them easily.

  • Be independent

But the good thing is that you will turn independent from your socks to your shirt, you know that you cannot rely on your mom for everything and start being responsible, you understand that being a jerk is bad for you which you didn’t for the longest time. You meet a lot of people while seeking a job as a job seeker  & to obtain advice and so forth which will be lessons for lifetime.

  • Take responsibility

Lastly, even though the sadness of leaving the college cannot be filled with anything somewhere you know you have earned a lot in the undergrad period. You have learned the lessons of life. You have made friends, which are your family. You have memories which cannot be exchanged for anything in this world.


You have attained your graduation along with an aim in your life. Aim to always keep your family happy, aim that your parents should be proud of you, aim that you should be proud of yourself. Never in your life you want to say to your family that “ I couldn’t do it” you want to tell them “ I achieved it.”

2 thoughts on “Life of Students –College se Career tak!!

  • June 5, 2015 at 1:54 am

    Very True, As i completed my graduation to much responsibilities came on me..

    • June 5, 2015 at 6:34 am

      Thanks Ronak for your feedback.


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