Motivation to Work for Yourself

Motivation to Work for EmployersSeth Godin once said “instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from”

But many a times it happens that the work you once loved is no more satisfying your soul, you feel directionless and are upset with yourself. In such a case you need motivation. Motivation to pick up yourself and walk again with dignity.

Doing your fresher/pehla job and performing a particular task in a sign of motivation.

We need to understand that the difference between try and triumph is that little “umph” the day we start with to put efforts for that “umph” there will be not need to motivate you to work.

There are two types of motivation;

  • Intrinsic Motivation

1. Set your goals

You have to set goals and believe that you have to do it.

You have to believe it is either this way or else there is no way. Once you have set your goals then you just have to focus on it. You can jot it down on a paper and then every time you feel that you should give up just read that one line and you are sure not going to give up.

2. Bribe yourself

Remember when you were small you were bribed with chocolates to complete your homework early? The same way has to be applied here as well. Set goals and decide gifts that you will be gifting yourself once these goals are competed.

This will not help to reach your goals but also little things to pamper you.

3. Change your way of working

If your way of working is very laidback and you take a day to finish the work that can be done in an hour or so then you need to change your behavior.

You have to be focused in order to succeed.

  • Extrinsic Motivation

1. Salary

One of the most important things in life to fulfill all the basic amenities and to have to have a good standard of living.

Remember it that you have to perform well to enhance your way of life.

2. Conditions of work

You go through with candidates resume and you find it very attractive, but when the person comes for the interview he is shabbily dressed would you be having two minds to reject him or no?

You will reject him! Similarly, if the conditions of work are not good like the place you are working in is very dirty or the washrooms there are not in the state to use it is difficult to work in those conditions. But you need to be focused. You need to make peace in such situations


Who doesn’t want to get a higher pay? But to get higher pay you need to get the higher designation.
You need to keep in mind your goals and work accordingly. If you want a cabin in an office which has a nameplate with your name in it, then you need to keep that in mind, it will be a motivation and a goal for which you will work.

Motivation is very important in life since it will just lead you to your destination.

A man without motivation is a person without destination. So stay motivated, stay happy.

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