Recruitment and Selection of Candidates – HR Perspective

“Hey, are you recruited?” the first and foremost question usually being asked to any job seeker. Then arrives the critical stage of selection. Thus, for any professional, it is mandatory to identify the differences between important aspects of recruitment and selection. These two elements indeed play key role in the life of a fresher candidate. “You’re selected” – the most happening sentence for any applicant passes giant mountains from the arena of recruitment as well as selection, so what is it all about!

  • Recruitment Process

Job Recruitment of candidatesRecruitment is the first step on the path for employment perspective, in any corporate. This states – it is the procedure of searching for and finding aspirants for jobs, from among whom the right individuals can be nominated.

Internal and External factors that administer the recruitment arena

 (A) Internal Sources:                                          

Leading employees can be originate within the association. When an opening emerges in the organisation, it might be given to a representative who is already on the pay-roll. At the point when a higher post is given to a meriting personnel, it motivates all other employees of the organisation to work hard. The personnel can be informed of such an opening by internal advertisement.


Transfer includes moving of persons from present occupations to other comparable occupations. These do not involve any change in rank, authority or status. The quantities of persons don’t increment with transfers.


Promotions refer to shifting of persons to positions carrying better prestige, higher responsibilities and more pay. The higher positions falling empty may be topped off from inside of the association. A promotion does not build the quantity of persons in the association.

Present Employees:

The present employees of a worry are educated about likely empty positions. The workers prescribe their relations or persons personally known not. Administration is relieved of looking out prospective candidates.

(B) External Sources:

All organisation need to utilize outside hotspots for recruitment to higher positions when existing employees are not suitable. More persons are required when extensions are undertaken.


It is a strategy for recruitment habitually utilized for talented workers, administrator and higher staff. Promotion can be given in daily papers and expert diaries. These advertisements attract candidates in expansive number of exceedingly variable quality.

Employment Exchanges:

Employment exchanges in India keep running by the Government. For untalented, semi-talented, gifted, administrative posts and so forth, it is frequently utilized as a source of recruitment. In certain cases it has been made obligatory for the business concerns to notify their vacancies to the employment exchange. In the past, employers used to turn to these agencies only as a last resort. In specific cases it has been made compulsory for the business concerns to advise their opportunities to the job trade.

Universities, Schools and Colleges:

Direct enrollment from educational institutions for specific occupations (i.e. placement) which is essential for specialized or proficient capability personnel and has turn into a typical practice. A close contact between the organization and educational institutions helps in getting suitable candidates. The students are spotted over the span of their studies.

Walk – ins Interview:

A walk-in interview is a job screening that happens without an appointment or scheduled meeting. They are common at career fairs and informal meet-and-greet sessions, and they tend to be relatively short and often consist of only a few questions. Employers may offer candidates a job at the end, but more often than not, the meetings are used as a way to quickly narrow down the applicant pool. Top candidates are often invited for a more formal interview at a later date.

Other Sources:

Aside from these major sources of external recruitment, there are certain different sources which are misused by organizations occasionally. These include special lectures delivered by recruiter in different institutions, however obviously these addresses don’t relate to recruitment specifically.

  • Selection process

Job Selection of right candidatesSelection process does the work of selecting an appropriate person in a match with his/her requisite qualifications, proficiency and competency factor regarding to the responsibility in a job, preferences, conducting test & trials and the final verdict.

Following are the factors of selection process.

Preliminary Interviews:

It is utilized to take out those competitors who don’t meet the base eligibility criteria set around the association. The abilities, scholastic and family foundation, capabilities and hobbies of the hopeful are inspected amid preparatory meeting. Preparatory meetings are less formalized and arranged than the last meetings. The hopefuls are surrendered a brief about the organization and the employment profile; and it is additionally analyzed how much the competitor thinks about the organization. Preparatory meetings are additionally called screening meetings.

Application blanks:

The applicants who clear the preparatory meeting are obliged to fill application clear. It contains information record of the applicants, for example, insights about age, capabilities, explanation behind leaving past occupation, experience, and so on.

Written Tests:

Different composed tests directed amid determination method are fitness test, knowledge test, thinking test, identity test, and so forth. These tests are utilized to unbiasedly evaluate the potential hopeful. They ought not be one-sided.

Medical examination:

Medicinal tests are led to guarantee physical wellness of the potential representative. It will decline possibilities of representative non-appearance.

Appointment Letter:

A reference check is made about the competitor chose and afterward at last he is named by giving a formal appointment letter.


Whaaaaa!!! If things go well with respect to recruitment and selection then heartiest congratulations… You are given job offer and you sign the employment contract.

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