Skill based courses that you can consider to build your Career!

Build Your Career with PehlaJobMany of you must have read or heard that every individual is different on the basis of personal interest, views, caliber etc. Sometime you cannot determine fate and completely unaware about your destiny. This is the moment when you need to contemplate about instinct. There are abundant avenues around you! Some of them which have grabbed attention of the young population to the large extent is as follows.

Radio Jockey:

Very unique job profile which demands spontaneity, presence of mind, quick-witted persona, sense of humor, knowledge about current events etc. Radio Jockey is creative plus challenging job to do. There are several courses to master an art of communication, duration of those courses may vary from 3 months to 1 year. In fact, the number of radio stations have also started to announce own courses through which they first give appropriate training and later a job offer letter in your hand.

Creative Writing:

It will take years to establish yourself as a writer, but if you get regular salary for the skills honed by you in the area of creative writing then there will be no anxiety at all. Therefore, its perfect time to bring out a writer within you. This field is no longer confined to movie scripts, songs and dialogues. Creative writing has already widened the horizon. Jingles, web content, articles, blogs, magazines, newspapers, internal communications for organizations, etc. all are covered under creative writing. There are some methods to articulate an idea or thought into words, so in order to receive formal training you may prefer to pursue the courses introduced by the universities. Online programs of private institutes are also another option that shall work well for you.

Voice Modulation and Anchoring:

Now a days, voice modulation and anchoring courses are gaining popularity. Media and advertising agencies are perfect place to shape up the career. This field will never ever let you feel monotonous in the life. From voice-overs to dubbing, news reading to event hosting – there is significant demand for such creative brains.


Adventure Sports Trainer:

This is the perfect career option for the dare devils. Be it under water adventure, mountain climbing, river rafting, kayaking, sky diving or any other adventure sport. Demand for in the adventure sports industry is constantly scaling high.


Above mentioned careers have been flooded with lot of talent, and require more to cater to the large number of audience. So if you are willing to pursue a career to be different than others, then do consider these fields.

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