Ten Words To Cut From Your Writing

Strong writing is lean writing

When you are writing anythings like letters, press releases, blogs, resume etc. Then you should always care about these ten words to cut from your writing, as included in this post –Writing on Paper

  1. Quite – this word can give two meanings. Sometimes it can add a meaning to the word or sometimes it can add flaws
  2. Amazing – it is a very diluted word
  3. REALLY – this word gives an example of writing the way you talk with your friends
  4. VERY – it is a very weak word
  5. Perhaps or maybe – this two words gives a lot of uncertainty and thats all you will be communicating
  6. Just – it is a filler word that weakens your writing
  7. Literally – when you write something which is true in literal sense, you don’t have to add this word to the letter.
  8. Stuff – it is a very casual word which can weaken your letter.
  9. Things – it’s not a specific word to write in a letter
  10. Got – this word is not appropriate in writing a formal letter

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