Things You Should Not Include In Resume

Things You Should Not Include In ResumePossibility is quite higher that by the time you read this blog, your primary intention would be, to find helpful tips that will help to get the desirable job. No one has yet standardized clear norms to define certain things in the resume. Writing a resume is considered as ongoing process of discovery. Now a days owing to volatile condition of employment business worry of securing the suitable job reaches to peak. Very few people focus on their resume where rest focus on cracking an interview. In reality good resume determines the success by splitting it into half. So it’s right time to be serious about your resume.

Irrespective of your job status, one thing you must take into account do not mention an age with respect to your job experience for example ‘more than 8 years of experience in this field’, you really never know whether it will work in your favor or not. Thus, kindly avoid it. The resume should talk about your achievements and not about work undertaken until now. Because there is a difference between what you’ve done and you’ve achieved. Try to avoid giving justifications about your dark past. Everybody has different story to tell, it doesn’t mean you will open all the cards with negative side attached to it. Resume shall always be positive. Resume points must be highlighted in bold font. Do not reveal unnecessary information including personal details such as hobbies, marital status, race etc. Most common blunder in the resume is grammatical errors, get rid of it! If you are not confident then approach someone and get it proof read. No need to disclose salary details unless demanded by the employer. Provide the references in separate document.


Commonly observed mistakes shall be avoided to make your resume refined. It speaks about you so be honest while writing a resume.

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