Tips for the Fresher Employee!

Many of you must be worried about one prominent thought, how to present yourself in the corporate world after being recruited? Ideal answer to this question is, start from basic. In many of the renowned companies, induction session is conducted by HR executive. Kindly pay proper attention and try to understand it well. The fundamental objective of induction is to make you familiar with company’s policies and norms. But as a fresher employee, you shall keep focus on two primary objectives a) work ethics b) behavioral traits.

business07Let’s discuss about work ethics, although it sounds little vague, work ethics shall not be neglected. Irrespective of the position you have been offered by the company, you are supposed to learn to justify with the job responsibility well during the probation period. Dress yourself in neat manner with respect to your gender. Men are supposed to wear formal shirts and trousers, executive suit or bright color shirt with tie works well for particular occasion like seminar or conference. Whereas, for women there are some choices – combination of formal shirt and trouser along with low heel pumps but avoid purple color. Knee length straight cut kameez with churidar is also preferable, for official events color blocked saree also works well. Be energetic at workplace and communicate with colleagues only at the time of assistance or guidance. It demonstrates that you are a sincere candidate and acknowledged as Best behaviour.

Take all the scheduled breaks in time. Be punctual and reach to the work place in time, if there is any situation where you are supposed to sit late then do not hesitate and be calm. Do not indulge in wrong practice just to get your work done at any cost. Because, you might be tagged as dishonest employee. Do not spend more time on phone calls. Tone or pitch modulation is essential, you shall not sound loud. Learn to maintain decorum of the office. Try to be deeply honest and compete against yourself with respect to the performance on everyday basis, by comparing it with previous day. This practice will help you to create good impression. Gradually you will learn to take control on the situation and will be able to enjoy the phase of job satisfaction.  Thus, do not be under any sort of impression that you are a fresher employee and it will take couple of years to excel in the designated area. You will find many examples around you who have done well despite being fresher employee. Key element of your success is never reveal or discuss about your ambition with colleague it may put you in trouble.

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