Tips to Negotiate on your Salary

salary negotiation

The second most important thing in a job is the money, first being the satisfaction the job offers your soul. Howsoever we say that the cash doesn’t make a difference, however, some place we realize that it does. Salary matters since you  need to have a stable monetary position. You have to treat yourself and your family with the extravagances that no one but cash can purchase for e.g. A costly backpack. Of course it can’t purchase bliss yet it does give you material fulfillment.

Negotiating  the salary can be too much of a task since you need to be very, very good with your communication skills. A little mistake can put a full stop on all your efforts that you have applied all through your interview.

So here are some of the tips that can be useful to negotiate your salary.

Know your worth

You were a gold medalist in your college and you have an experience of 4 years, this increases  your value while you are seeking for a job. But it is important to know your worth since you might be asked about the salary that you are expecting, so research about the post for which you have applied and what is the salary given currently in the market. You don’t want to be underpaid and neither lose a job because your salary expectations were too high! Remember the dialogue  “hum  pheke hue paise nai uthate….”

Select your range

Selecting a salary range is the best option if you cannot decide what you are worth of.  But deciding a salary range means you are constructing a cage for yourself. And once you enter you cannot come out anytime soon. So select a range properly take all the terms into consideration like your financial needs, your worth etc.

Brush up your bargaining power

You need to be very, very specific with the way you are talking, your gestures, etc. because your salary  will be decided on this. You cannot be rude with the interviewer that will spoil your image and it will meager your chances to decide on a salary of your choice. Explain them, how can you be benefit the company with your skills and the amount that the company will be paying you will not go down the drain.

Don’t be desperate

Desperation will make you lose the war even before you have started. The company might close the deal by giving you less than what you deserve by just observing your desperation to get the job. Excitement and desperation are okay, but keep it to yourself, don’t let others know about it.


So we hope that these tips help you find a job with the salary package of your worth. All the best because this can be a lot like a war while you are negotiating the salary with your interviewer after all everyone needs “ paisa… paisa….paisa….”

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