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Adopt the contemporary trendsThe role of the resume in getting you that coveted job cannot be understated. However, applicants have to bear in mind that the resume is not the only thing that matters really. What gets you past the final hurdle is the F2F-Face to Face Interview. Cracking the final interview is what helps you come up trumps in your job-seeking endeavor. Candidates must always prepare themselves in such a way so that they are ready for this most important and grueling part of the entire hiring process.


Resume creates an impression…Cracking the Interview is what matters in the end

The underlying point being tried to be made here is that resume writing constitutes just one of the steps in finding the right job. Potential candidates should chart the entire course-from the initial resume building, job search, application to the final interview. The job search process can be made simpler by registering oneself at a job portal like PehlaJob. Candidates should also be open to the idea of directly calling up their prospective employers and asking for a face to face interview if the possibility of making a stronger impression via this route exists. As per renowned keynote speaker, Kerry Hannon, 40 percent of a hiring decision happens at the time of the F2F interview. It goes without saying then that one cannot afford to be ill-prepared for this most important aspect of the hiring process which, by all means, decides your final fate.

Final interview notwithstanding, an impressionable resume is important to enhance your prospects.

Things to know to create that perfect resume:

 To create that unbeatable resume, what one needs to bear in mind is-Keeping it short and simple! The DOs and DONTs for a resume have been discussed in previous articles. Following are some more things to consider:

  • Simple layout and Design: Candidates should avoid fancy layouts with any kind of special effects. Stick to the simple Times New Roman font style with point size between 9 and 12. Care should be taken to use italics, boldface and underlining in a very judicious manner.   
  • Use Reverse Chronological Order for listing Work Experience: Start out by listing your most recent job experience first and continue in the reverse order. While writing about work experience, make sure to include the name of the company in full, the designation you held; and your date of employment in month-year format.
  • Skip Irrelevant Personal Information: Including personal information such as Marital Status or number of kids is totally irrelevant and should be strictly avoided.

Social Media Networking can help

Social media networking can help connect you with the right people and organizations. Many job-seekers have found the services offered by professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn useful in helping find the right job. LinkedIn allows one to search through company profiles, connect with colleagues, former bosses and clients.

Interestingly, it has been noted that the kind of questions asked during the face to face interview round stick to a certain pattern. To help decode it, candidates are advised to consult experienced individuals or agencies like PehlaJob. Otherwise also you can count on your trusted mates on social media networking websites to provide you with vital tips on cracking face to face interviews.

Final Word of Advice

Your resume may be perfect, but unless it translates into F2F interview opportunities, your endeavors may seem pointless. Candidates are advised to exercise tenacity and resolve during the entire job-seeking process. Success may not come at the first step, so all that one can do is try repeatedly. The important thing is to persevere and not to lose heart. Rejection is an eventuality that stares in the face of every job-seeker at every step. The sooner one understands this, the sooner would you be able to get a job.

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