Which Job to choose – Government or Private?

Jobs in Government or Private SectorsThis is perhaps age old tussle between private job and government job. However, there are so many interesting things to be considered while comparing both the sectors before finalizing your decision. Survey indicates that inflation rate in India may vary from four percent to eight percent within the span of a decade. Thus, to cope-up with rise of prices the employees working in either of the sector, struggle hard to maintain standard of living.

As you always do before making any decision, first be honest about the expectations! Because once you choose a path, there will not be multiple options for you after every five years henceforth.

1. Do you want leisure and stress free life, along with stable career?
2. Do you want only money and ready to take hell lot of pressure to achieve personal as well as official goals?

Choice is yours! If you want to build your career by relying on first option then you will not be able to achieve commendable growth. If you want to go for second option then you may have to give up on leisure and fix holidays. Government jobs do offer security but remember there is very tough competition for some lucrative jobs at all India level for example: Indian civil service.

Private sector offers jobs that will suit to your personal interest and educational qualification. Intention of this blog is not to confuse you about the choices rather it is a sincere attempt to make you aware about the benefits of both the sectors.

Let’s try to go much deeper to make a thoughtful decision:

Benefits of government job:

You will certainly do not need to be worried about poor economy or inflation related problems because government jobs offer dearness allowance which is the most favorite perk of all the employees, it makes you unaffected. Once you secure a job, you will not be expelled arbitrarily on the basis of performance.

Less work pressure:
There are few departments that are known to be functional 24×7 namely health department, but people who are serving in other departments, do enjoy lot of benefits and leisure time too, they do not go beyond the limits.

Benefits of private job:

If you are good at task assigned to you, then by evaluating the annual performance company will offer pay hike or promote you to the higher designation.

Favorable working environment:
In the multinational companies, corporate companies or startups, any employee will receive all the essential help to complete the work. Your dedication will pay you more. If you are target driven employee then such attitude will be duly appreciated.

Thus, it is very important to be aware about the objectives of your life before putting a finger on any of the option for selection.

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