Your appearance does matter at Workplace!

Many college students like to do some crazy stuff with their body that includes tattoo, piercing, wild hairstyle etc. It might be because of peer influence but it may become an obstacle to grab a job in the private company. Because, a candidate will have to abide by stringent rules about code of conduct, once selected. Moreover body art is not at all cheap, in fact it is very difficult to erase or remove ink tattoo. Although there is no prejudice towards oddity but such practices may also come between the career and you! This article will primarily focus on, “will tattoo, piercing or wild hairdo affect your career”? Let’s find an answer…

Personal identitySymbol of personal identity:
To create own image in the college you engrave a tattoo on visible body parts. But the story doesn’t end here. A candidate may have to face rejection in some renowned companies while being interviewed by the recruiter. So, those who have inked a tattoo which is not easily visible and not on the common places such as nape of neck, wrist, and forearm etc. will zero the chances of elimination at the time of interview.

Impression at workplaceImpression about dudes or chick:
Candidates with inked tattoo or subsequent style quotient are often labeled as too casual and happy go lucky people, employer may find them way more unprofessional but remember sophistication and confidence in communication, body gestures and postures will also change an impression at the time of interview.

Change in the winds at corporate worldChange in the winds at corporate world:
Nowadays, new trends are set in the corporate world be it work pattern, work days, dress code, and physical appearance. There are some employers who do not have any objection about such style quotient and have accepted it quite well. There are some fields who entertain such weirdo, especially advertising and fashion industries. Thus, it will take some more time to gain the acceptance.

If you have a talent, ink tattoo or wild hairstyle will not take tool on your career. But do not take the liberty indeed!

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